Debian jessie EFI test CDs, build 1

Last updated: 2nd January 2015

What's here?

This is a freshly-built i386 (32-bit) netinst CD with UEFI support included. It's quite hacky for now, but if you have one of the Baytrail-based machines I blogged about, such as the Asus X205TA, then this CD might be a useful start for you. It's not yet going to do an amd64 installation for you, but it should let you get going with Debian! I'm going to continue working on that 32-64 support next.

There are still some other gotchas with this particular hardware, but this CD image will boot via UEFI and at least recognise the netbook's keyboard and trackpad. I've just done a basic installation using this image booted from a USB stick, and it seemed to go OK. For other issues, see the wiki for more information. Thanks to Hendrik Weimer for the information there, and some helpful bug reports!

WARNING: this CD is provided for testing only. Use at your own risk! If you try this on an early Intel-based Mac, it will not work. Otherwise, this should likely work for most folks using 32-bit x86 hardware just like any other Debian Jessie daily netinst build.

If you have appropriate EFI hardware, please try this image and let me know how you get on, via the debian-cd and debian-boot mailing lists.

Steve McIntyre

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